Innovation Assessment for Companies: Diagnosis of the maturity level of the company or organization in terms of its ability to become an innovative company/organization, in order to be more competitive and ensure sustainability over time.

Startup Creation and Scaling Consultancy: Advice and support in the creation and scaling of startups or innovative projects for established companies that wish to make spin-offs, using appropriate innovation methodologies for each case.

Development of Innovative Products or Services Consultancy: Advice and support for
established companies that wish to develop new products and/or services, using the most appropriate innovation methodologies that allow for more efficient development in terms of resources, time and costs.

Accompaniment Consultancy for innovative transformation for companies: Advisory services for permanent innovation management transformation to ensure sustainability over time and survival.

Design and implementation of corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation programs for companies and organizations.

Courses, webinars, academic offerings on innovation, management and technology

Entrepreneurship, innovation, ecosystem consultancy for governments, NGOs, CSR
programs of companies, guilds, etc.