Andrés León

Andrés León has more than 10 years of experience working on programs related to startups for both local and international companies.

Recently, he served as program manager and then as manager of the startup community at Latitud (, a US-based company that focuses on helping tech startups in Latin America succeed. During his tenure, Andres achieved NPS scores of 80 for programs and spearheaded initiatives for a community of 1,200 founders across Latin America. He facilitated connections and world-class advice between high-caliber entrepreneurs from the region and successful entrepreneurs and experienced operators from companies like A16z, Rappi, Notion, Carta, and other international startups and corporations.

Before joining Latitud, Andres worked as a customer experience and innovation consultant for well-known national corporations and large companies. He collaborated with consulting firms such as Value Chain Management, Inc. in Panama and IZO based in Spain. 

Lastly, Andres immersed himself in the startup and innovation space when leading the creation of a pre-seed investment program for startups at the Innovation Center of the City of Knowledge Foundation in his home country Panama, investing over $350,000 USD in local projects with global potential while providing training, mentoring, and support for the founders of these companies.

Today, Andres dedicates his time to innovation consulting, where he leverages his extensive experience to help companies develop creative solutions and drive growth. In addition, he travels around Europe, seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.