Ferrán Galindo

Ferrán Galindo is currently the CTO of a smart loans fintech and CEO of Noctiluca Lab, a boutique business intelligence and analytics firm for small and medium-sized enterprises. He is the former CEO and co-founder of a startup for used car auctions. Last year, Ferrán worked in the agricultural sector by developing a digital platform for tracking the production of organic fruit trees using drones and geographic information software. Prior to his work in agtech, Ferrán co-founded Miroculus, a Silicon Valley-based startup focused on developing cutting-edge technology to democratize molecular disease detection from a blood sample.

Before Miroculus, Ferrán was Vice President of Organizational Systems for a non-profit organization, where he was responsible for all technology, operating systems, organizational development, and knowledge management. Ferrán spent the previous seven years as manager of international organizations, where he was in charge of relationships with most major international organizations, UN agencies, and NGOs in the region. Ferrán completed a highly competitive program at NASA as part of Singularity University focused on applying exponential technologies to major global challenges. Ferrán is a member of the XI class of CALI (Central American Leadership Initiative) and a member of the Aspen Leadership Network.